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Fun teksten (waarom vliegtuigen beter zijn dan vrouwen )
Why aeroplanes are better than women:

A male perspective.

Aeroplanes can be turned on by a flick of switch.
An aeroplanes thrust to weight ratio is higher.
An aeroplane does not get mad if you "touch and go."
An areoplane does not object to a pre-flight inspection.
Aeroplanes come with manuals
Aeroplanes have strict weight and balance limits.
Aeroplanes like to do it inverted.
Aeroplanes don't come with inlaws.
Aeroplanes wont whine unless something is really wrong.
Aeroplanes don't care about how many other aeroplanes you have flown.
When flying, you and you aeroplane arrive at the same time.
Aeroplanes don't mind if you look at other aeoplanes.
Aeroplanes don't mind if you buy aeroplane magazines.
Aeroplanes don't mind if you rent another aeroplane.
it's okay to use tie-downs on you aeroplanes.
An aeroplane will kill you quickly... a women takes her time.


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